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Rapist to Victim in Post-Attack Phone Call: ‘So, You Mad at Me?’

There is very little that is awesome about the story of alleged rapist Timothy Wells and the five-foot-two-inch Applebee’s waitress he attacked in her own home in Queens. For example, even though West was holding a knife during the encounter, and had broken into her house and threatened her, his lawyer asked the waitress in court if she was drunk, or high, or if she really wanted it. But there is one kick-ass part of the young woman’s story: The part where she waited until her rapist called her on the phone to apologize, and then drew him out until he admitted everything — all while detectives were listening in on the line.

From the Post report of the taped call:

Yeah, what’s goin’, girl?” West, 26, is heard asking. “Some police to my sister’s crib all lookin’ for me … So, you mad at me?”

The horrified victim responds, “What do you mean, I’m mad at you? Of course, you know, I don’t know you like that, and just over here, raping me and everything with a knife in your hand. Damn! What you gotta say about that?”

Sorry. I apologize,” he answered 

The waitress then convinced West to meet her at a Dunkin’ Donuts, where police were waiting to arrest him.

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Rapist to Victim in Post-Attack Phone Call: ‘So, You Mad at Me?’