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Senator Scrooge

Indiana senator Evan Bayh, a Democrat, announced in February that he would not run for a fourth term. He was the classic Senate moderate who made a big deal of denouncing liberals and annoying the White House, but his retirement wasn’t welcome: he had successfully locked down a Senate seat in a state that leans Republican, and none of his replacements had much of a shot.

Well, now national Democrats have more reason to curse his name. Politico reports that the “latest Federal Election Commission report shows that he still has $10.3 million in his campaign account — a staggering amount for a lame duck senator — but he has yet to transfer any of that money to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.” (Chuck Schumer, for example, gave the committee $1 million.)

He has given over $1.5 million to the Indiana Democratic Party (rumor has it that he wants to be Governor again), but less than $200,000 to the campaigns of fellow Democratic Senate candidates, nearly all of whom are getting outraised by their opponents. Who said Democrats believed in centralized planning?

Bayh sits on $10 million as party worries [Politico]

Senator Scrooge