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Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan Call It Quits?

Well, for good reason, they didn’t make our Celebrity Couples We Still Believe In list. Good reason, like, fights, youth, her rising star, and his douchebag rep. But it’s been a rough week for celebrity love (Courteney Cox, Laura Dern, Christina Aguilera), and now Carey Mulligan is reportedly getting on the breakup bandwagon:

We have trouble believing that direct quote. It’s a long story? (Shortened: I got really famous, I realized my boyfriend is kind of a douche, and, uh, I just missed the English countryside?) Still, dubious as that soundbite sounds, Mulligan indeed confirmed to the Telegraph that she’s “spending some more time [in London] at the moment,” without LeBeouf. “Just spending time with my family, really,” she explained, with an inaudible sigh of resignation.

Let’s rewind: A year ago, Anna Wintour was just starting to notice Ms. Mulligan, the actress was falling for LaBeouf’s bad-boy thing, and they were filming their big movie together. “I love New York,” she told the Telegraph, back then, in those promising days, when she was a girl of 25. “Maybe more than London. I could live in New York. I think I’m happiest [in New York].” She told us, too, last fall, that she planned to relocate to New York.

Now the movie’s out, the Vogue cover’s out, and the anticipation is gone. Whatever fight as foreplay thing they had going on is over. The sadder story here: Is Mulligan just another ingenue, defeated by New York, leaving mediocre reviews and a relationship gone sour behind? Sure her perfectness was grating, but we were really hoping this one would stay around for a while.

Carey Mulligan: Wall Street fails to pay love dividend [Telegraph UK]

Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan Call It Quits?