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Someone Finally Streaked in Front of President Obama for $1 Million

It took almost two whole months for someone to take up British billionaire Alki David on his offer of $1 million for the first person to streak in front of President Obama with the name of David’s website, Battlecam.com, written across his or her body, while shouting “Battlecam.com!” six times. (This is how billionaires spend their money, after the yachts and women lose their entertainment value.) Considering the many public appearances that Obama makes, and the general lack of shame among many in the American populace, two months is a surprisingly long time.

But the wait is over, thanks to 24-year-old Juan Rodriguez, who stripped naked at Obama’s Philadelphia rally yesterday. He was assisted by two dudes from The Howard Stern Show, who filmed it. And David appears ready to uphold his end of the bargain, once the video confirms that Rodriguez fulfilled all the requirements. “This is the first time anybody has attempted it,” he told the Daily News.”I still don’t know if he was successful. If he has done it, I’ll pay him in cash.”

So really, everybody wins here. Once he’s released from jail, Rodriguez will be a rich man. David’s Battlecam.com, where live webcam feeds are voted on by viewers, will get publicity in major news outlets around the world and on Daily Intel. The only person who seems to have lost out in the endeavor is this woman, who was so disgusted by the sight of Rodriguez’s naked body that she needed a hat, sunglasses, and two hands to shield it from her peripheral vision.

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Someone Finally Streaked in Front of President Obama for $1 Million