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Translating Hillary Clinton on the Switcheroo Rumors

With the power of the Politispeak Translator 5000 — a sophisticated supercomputer staffed around the clock at Daily Intel headquarters by two men from the 1950’s — we’ve decoded what Hillary Clinton is really saying about the rampant speculation that she and Joe Biden will switch places for the 2012 election.

What Clinton said today at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit: “I don’t believe what I read …. I have absolutely no interest and no reason for doing anything other than just dismissing these stories and moving on …. I think the vice president is doing a wonderful job. He is a great friend of mine. We work together closely. He’s an expert on foreign policy, chaired the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate. We have a great relationship.”

According to the Politispeak Translator 5000 … bleep blup bloop blop blurp … what she really meant was:

I wish people were not talking about this. Whether or not the Switcheroo ever happens, there’s no benefit for me in fueling the rumor now and having it hang over me for the next year. Not that this is relevant at all, but I like Joe Biden.”

Translating Hillary Clinton on the Switcheroo Rumors