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Warren Buffett’s Successor Turns Out to Be Teenage Boy

Earlier this week, when Warren Buffett anointed Todd Combs, a hedge-fund manager out of Greenwich, Connecticut, the future successor of Berkshire Hathaway, a collective “Who?” rang out among the financial community. Few had heard of the manager of the $400 million Castle Point fund, there were no photos of him online, and information on him was so scant that the Journal was reduced to running a quote from a member of his bridal party. All week, the press has been going crazy trying to dig things up about Combs — Business Insider even stalked him at his home today. But now, the Sarasota Herald Tribune gives us an answer as to why Combs is keeping himself so mysterious.

He’s only around 16 years old. That’s what we gather from the picture they dug up, anyway.

Haven’t read the story yet, but it makes sense. It’s just like Warren to plan really far ahead.

Sarasotan in line as possible Buffett successor [Herald Tribune]

Warren Buffett’s Successor Turns Out to Be Teenage Boy