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Andrew Cuomo Is Excited About His ‘Magical’ New Mansion

His excitement over returning to the ornate 40-room executive mansion in Albany, which he lived in when his father was governor, is not something Andrew Cuomo talked about on the campaign trail — and with good reason, considering not only the populist sentiment coursing through the electorate, but also the regal manner in which Cuomo is sometimes already mockingly portrayed. But now that he’s safely removed from the campaign, Cuomo can speak frankly, and lovingly, about his new, opulent home, which comes replete with butlers, cooks, cleaning staff, a tennis court, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

You get the sense that he could do this for every room in house. “The kitchen is special. The walk-in refrigerator. The chairs are a work of art. The spoons!”

We’re just jealous.

Stately Home Awaits the Return of a Political Son [NYT]

Andrew Cuomo Is Excited About His ‘Magical’ New Mansion