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Did Gisele Send Tom Brady to See a Hair-Transplant Specialist?

You know how, a little while back, it seemed like Matthew McConaughey’s hair was thinning, even as he grew it longer and longer? And then, all of a sudden, it was thick again? (This was around the era of We Are Marshall, if you remember that — and you are not expected to.) Well, according to some gossips, the same thing is about to happen to the Patriots quarterback. He’s been growing his hair out in a ridiculous fashion to cover a rumored bald spot, and his image-conscious wife, Gisele Bündchen, has urged him to solve the problem before it gets any worse. Now, now, don’t hate — she’s a supermodel; she’s allowed to be a perfectionist! The National Enquirer says it spotted Brady visiting a hair-transplant specialist in Cranston, Rhode Island. (Of course the Enquirer was hanging around a hair-transplant specialist’s office in Cranston.)

This isn’t apparently the first time he’s looked into plugs. Burdened with a bald dad and therefore, possibly, bad hair genes, Brady was spotted by the Post two years ago visiting “a Manhattan hair-restoration emporium a few days before embarking for Arizona and Super Bowl XLII.” (Of course the Post was hanging around a hair-restoration place so bustling it could be called an “emporium.”)

As far as we’re concerned, no judgment. This guy’s married to Gisele, who, after giving birth, somehow elastically snapped back to physical perfection and vows to be that way forever. The pressure’s on! And besides, Brady reportedly wants to go into politics one day. With a career of football stardom and little else behind him, his looks might just be his main selling point! We know how those Massachusetts voters love a stud with a perfect head of hair.

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Did Gisele Send Tom Brady to See a Hair-Transplant Specialist?