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Great Moments in American Counterterrorism

Right now, President Obama is in India, showing solidarity with the world’s largest democracy and doing presidential things like going to Mumbai and sleeping over at the location of the November 26, 2008 terrorist attacks. It’s widely acknowledged that Islamic militants from Pakistan were responsible for the bombings, and that one of the plotters in that attack was an American small-time drug dealer named David Headley. He arrived in Pakistan in late 2001. How did he get there?

The D.E.A. sent him there!

The Times explains that he was sent shortly after 9/11 to help with some cases, and they ignored signs that he was sympathetic to radical groups:

He spent the next few years training with Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistani group behind the attacks.

D.E.A. Deployed Mumbai Plotter Despite Warning [NYT]

Great Moments in American Counterterrorism