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Here Are Some Potential Problems With the New Anti-Scanner Undies

Rocky Flats Gear, a Colorado-based clothing company, has invented a line of underwear that will protect your junk from being seen by nosy TSA inspectors who are watching as you pass through a full-body scan. The idea is that, with special radiation inserts, the underwear will maintain your privacy and also protect you from potentially harmful rays. Great idea! Except, wait.

What if …

… You want to hook up on the plane (or consummate your in-flight marriage)? Your new friend pulls down your sweatpants in the rear head, and suddenly they see the above tacky situation with the fig leaf? Nobody’s getting any rear or head after that.
… You forget you’re wearing that underwear on a successful date and you end up in bed with your mate? How is your significant other supposed to not assume you have a problem that needs double protection in front down there?
… You go through the body-scanning process, and instead of seeing the vaguely transparent outline of your junk, a TSA employee sees a strange, unrecognizable opaque shape in your underpants? You think they’re not going to pull you aside to peek inside your undies after that?

This seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Especially since the devices seem to be mainly just sewn onto $4.99 American Apparel briefs.

Anti-scan undies use ‘junk’ science [NYP]

Here Are Some Potential Problems With the New Anti-Scanner Undies