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Jimmy McMillan Would Like $350 Million, Please

As his whirlwind fifteen minutes in the spotlight begin to wind down, Jimmy McMillan is left to contemplate his future. How will he get by when people are no longer buying his rent- and sex-themed songs on iTunes? When he’s no longer a pitchman for A man’s got to pay his rent, after all. Well, not Jimmy. But we’re sure there are other things he has to pay for, like food, and music videos.

So McMillan has decided to sue the Board of Elections for $350 million, for striking the word damn from the name of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party during his 2009 mayoral and 2006 gubernatorial runs. The Board of Elections claimed it did so only because the name was too damn long and McMillan had failed to respond to requests to shorten it. McMillan thinks they’re just imposing their religious beliefs on him. You may recall that he was quite upset when we spoke to him last year:

Does it deter McMillan that a judge already threw out an earlier $50 million lawsuit? Apparently not. “We know we’re going to win,” he tells the Post. Now where have we heard that before?

Damn elex board! [NYP]

Jimmy McMillan Would Like $350 Million, Please