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Joe Miller Blames Press for Fabricating a Nonexistent Story

The tea party favorite and Republican nominee for senator in Alaska has seen his stock rapidly drop in the past couple of weeks, thanks to his failed attempts to bait and arrest members of the press. It got so bad that the former front-runner is trailing in the polls, and Republican Party strategists may throw their support to the write-in campaign for Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent he defeated in a primary.

Miller has responded to this backlash in predictable fashion — he teamed up with Sarah Palin to attack the media! Last Thursday, a staffer for an Alaska television station called the Miller campaign to schedule an interview and left a message on a flack’s voice mail. The staffer forgot to hang up the phone, which meant the message included snippets of a conversation where journalists tossed around crazy hypotheticals — what would happen if a child molester was at an upcoming Miller rally? What if someone punched the candidate? Would they send a Twitter alert?

Sarah Palin went on Fox News yesterday and treated the message like it was the Zapruder tape of media bias. “The CBS reporters, the affiliate in Alaska, conspired to make up stories about Joe Miller,” she said. “We have the tape.”

The Miller campaign sent out a press release claiming that the journalists were hoping for violence and “openly” discussed “creating, if not fabricating, two stories.”

The tape in question doesn’t sound political; it sounds like a couple of slightly jaded journalists hoping for a story. But, given that the lamestream media is a swamp of decadent liberalism 

Accidental phone call sparks criticism of KTVA’s coverage of Miller
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Joe Miller Blames Press for Fabricating a Nonexistent Story