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John King Is Also Beginning to Hate That Damn Magic Wall

Were you, too, distracted and even confused by the madcap graphics and gizmos employed by CNN leading up to last week’s most recent election? More and more, the network has been relying on their so-called “magic walls,” giant touch-screen contraptions with the ability to display a lot of key information in (allegedly) easily digestible moving displays. It’s meant to make complicated subjects more simple, but often it only serves to confound and frustrate you, the viewer: And you’re not the only one. For a long time CNN anchor John King was one of the network’s only team members able to utilize the wall to its full capacity. He was the King of the Wall — until very recently.

According to “Page Six,” the screen kept jamming during an October episode of his show, John King USA. The malfunctions “sent him over the edge” into a full-on “meltdown,” during which he yelled at studio operators and howled, “I wish I brought a gun to work.”

Of course, we know there is a “Page Six” source somewhere in CNN who has it out for King. But CNN didn’t deny the outburst, and frankly, we don’t blame him for losing his mind at that contraption. Still, let’s just tone down the talk about bringing a weapon to anywhere Anderson Cooper works, mmkay? Unless it’s one of those blowdryers made to look like a gun — which you know John King has, by the way, with those Poseidon locks of his.

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John King Is Also Beginning to Hate That Damn Magic Wall