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Prince of Brunei: Please Don’t Talk About My Sex Sculptures of Myself

Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei, the younger brother of the famously rich sultan, is suing two of his financial advisers for selling off a Long Island estate for much less than he thinks it was worth. It should be a pretty straightforward case, but there’s one little problem. Well, not so little: Sunninghill, the North Shore estate in question, just happens to be where Jefri was storing six life-size erotic statues. Of himself. Photos obtained by the Daily News show “an endowed, muscular prince in a series of sexual positions” with his fiancée, one of many women in his harem. According to the Daily Beast, the sculptures were crafted by J. Seward Johnson Jr., a popular sculptor known for his lifelike works. Apparently the first round of statues didn’t look enough like Jefri, and had to be sent back for the addition of mustaches and other aesthetic fixes.

Jefri doesn’t want the pictures to be used in the trial over the estate sale because they could prejudice the jury. (He also doesn’t want the fact that he has a harem to be mentioned. But if you’re curious, you can read all about it.)

Photo: Court Documents

Anyway, forget the trial. We as New Yorkers need to see these statues. In the uncensored versions! Look at the one here. Based on where the black bar is situated, are we to understand this is a sculpture of the prince with a massive erection emerging from a pair of jorts?? Because that may be the best thing to come out of the North Shore of Long Island since Lindsay Lohan.

Step Right Up & See The Sex Statues Of The Profligate Prince! [Gothamist]

Prince of Brunei: Please Don’t Talk About My Sex Sculptures of Myself