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The TSA Has Heard Your Cry, and the Groping Might Cease

The people have spoken: They don’t like being seen naked by airport security staffers (who are in all likelihood not paying incredibly close attention to your genitals), and they don’t like being groped by ‘em, either. Even Hillary Clinton said, this morning, that she’d avoid a pat-down if she could, adding, “Who wouldn’t?” Actually, polls show that the majority of Americans still support the airport security measures, but a lot of people are complaining, too.

Still, today on CNN, Transportation Security Administration president John Pistole said, “We’re not changing the policies.” And then the cries grew louder and louder, drowning out all else. Some Republicans might be complaining just to undermine an Obama-approved policy, while some cancer survivors who were forced to expose prosthetic breasts have more understandable issues with the measures. So, finally, later this afternoon, Pistole e-mailed Politico:

It’s not a very bold promise, but it makes clear that a vaguely annoying and arguably invasive security procedure has become the defining issue of our week. Stand up, Americans, and make yourselves heard, if a tiny bit less safe.

TSA chief: Screening may evolve [Politico]

The TSA Has Heard Your Cry, and the Groping Might Cease