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This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Megyn Kelly

Nearly three years ago, we predicted that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly would be a rising star through the election and beyond. And we’ve been proven right: She’s gone from co-anchoring America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer to hosting her own two-hour show in the middle of the afternoon. Obviously, she’s beautiful, but she’s also quick on her feet and smart — and she specializes in that particular brand of Fox News journalism where, if you read a transcript of her presentation of a news piece it might look even-handed, but when you listen to the sometimes-derisive-sometimes-jovial delivery, there’s no question where she wants you to think she stands. She’s also funny and self-aware, which is demonstrated in the interview she gave to GQ for their “Men of the Year” issue.

She talks about her fan e-mail: “Some of them just say, ‘You’re hot” — which, you know, I don’t find insulting. But the ones that go a little over the top get deleted right away,” she said. “My rule is, if anybody writes in asking for a head shot and compliments me or the show or just wants one, that’s fine, they can have a head shot. But if they write anything perverted, they’re not getting one … I know what’s going to happen to that head shot.”

She’s also pretty frank about the choices she makes on what to cover. She doesn’t view it as political, but, she says, “television is a service, but it’s also a business. And in choosing what you’re going to put on your program, you have to figure out what’s going to appeal to your audience and what’s going to rate.”

Meanwhile, the above is the picture that the (currently pregnant) Kelly posed for in the current GQ issue, which is on stands November 23. Not very conservative for a Fox News lady! Wonder what old Rupert Murdoch thinks of that one? Oh, who are we kidding? That may not be your grandmother’s Megyn Kelly, but it’s probably the one your grandfather has wanted to see all along.

Men of the Year: Megyn Kelly [GQ via TVNewser/Mediabistro]

This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Megyn Kelly