the war on christmas

An Actual War on Christmas Is Happening at the Entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel

There are plenty of supposed attacks on Christmas each year that are, in reality, just governments or corporations acknowledging that, in addition to Christmas, which is great and all, some people celebrate other holidays in December. (See: Tulsa’s “Holiday Parade of Lights” controversy.) But then there is the war on Christmas that is actually real. The aggressors are atheist organizations, and their weapons of choice are the billboards that bored motorists are forced to consider as they wait in traffic. This year, one that sits prominently outside the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel — with the message “You KNOW it’s a Myth” above a depiction of the three wise men riding to meet baby Jesus —— was quickly met by a Catholic League billboard on the other side of the tunnel that reads “You Know it’s Real.” If you would prefer that your drive to or from New Jersey over the next few weeks does not include grappling over the existence of God, take the Holland.

Anti-Christmas Atheism Billboard Near Tunnel