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Bristol Palin Is Finally Getting Out of Alaska

Bristol Palin, America’s teenage mother, is growing up: Now twenty, she has shimmied on national television. She has fought off death threats. And she has defended herself when Margaret Cho said her mom forced her to shimmy on national television. Now, she’s taken her hard-earned (well, earned) money and thrown down $172,000 in cash for her own home: A 3,900 square-foot brown stucco abode nestled in a suburban development in Maricopa, Arizona. And while the development comes equipped with a community park and a swimming pool, the neighborhood is reportedly “modest,” a place where celebrity buyers are rare:

I’m not sure why she wanted to buy that home, but we are real happy for her,” Michael Smith, who owned the house with his wife, told the Arizona Republic. “She seems like a nice girl. We’re excited for her.”

Well, we’re excited for her, too. Think what you will about Bristol, but she’s finally quitting that thankless job at a doctor’s office and getting the hell out of Wasilla, far away from her overbearing mother and even further away from that total jerk of an ex-boyfriend, who’s been parading around his new girlfriend lately. Anyone in that position might want to flee the state. And though Maricopa might not be the big city Palin can run to in order to forever forget about small-town Alaska, perhaps she can see L.A. from her new backyard.

Phoenix Abuzz as a Palin Buys a Home Nearby [NYT]

Bristol Palin Is Finally Getting Out of Alaska