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Fellow Times Reporters Still Bitching About Andrew Ross Sorkin

New Observer media reporter Nick Summers plunged into the Times today to find critics of DealBook, the many-headed beast that started as an e-mail newsletter and has become a department of sixteen people with its own territory in the newspaper and financial quasi-celebrity Andrew Ross Sorkin at its head. Internal complainers voiced amusement over how DealBook has lagged behind the Journal on the recent spate of hedge-fund insider-trading busts, for example. They’ve also voiced dismay at the emphasis of speed in reporting over nuance and skepticism.

And then there’s this disgruntled former Timesman:

Now, we know for a fact there are enough business reporters at the Times that have their beef with Sorkin that Summers probably heard plenty of epithets. But the result was only one not-for-attribution quote? From a person who used to work at the Times? That’s practically a compliment: Sorkin’s dominance by fear is nearly complete.

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Fellow Times Reporters Still Bitching About Andrew Ross Sorkin