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Julian Assange Posed in a Santa Suit for Newsweek

Julian Assange is always surprising us. There was the time he dumped international cables on a world that didn’t take him seriously enough, there’s the ongoing sex crime investigation, the time he dumped even more international cables on a world still doubting his significance, the nerdy OKCupid profile, and his curious on-again/off-again relationship with the media. Well, it’s definitely on again in Newsweek: The magazine shot a series of photos of Assange spending the holidays at journalist Vaughan Smith’s mansion in the English countryside while on bail and under house arrest, fighting extradition to Sweden where he faces a sex crime investigation. Assange is a natural in front of the cameras, and he seems to enjoy the lens. But what facts do we learn about how this man is spending his house arrest, from the spread?

Julian Assange uses a Mac. It’s settled, once and for all. And not only is he photographed with his Mac (from which, presumably, he runs WikiLeaks), but he appears to be spending some time perusing the Internet late at night, possibly Googling his name and reading blog posts and comments about himself. No judgment.

He’s receiving fanmail and, now, Christmas cards. He appears to be tickled by the letters.

He’s working on his organic farming skills. He specializes in wood-chucking and raising chickens. Seriously. He’s trying to “earn his keep” at the mansion, apparently.

He either owns a Santa Clause suit or simply agreed to wear one. And he looks either adorable or terrifying in it. The bag he’s carrying that says “I’ve been very, very, very good (most of the time),” is definitely his, though. Classic Assange.

He has made friends with all the Smiths. The family - grandma and everything - was photographed sitting down for a big Christmas dinner with the cable-leaker. With house arrest like this, who needs freedom?

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Julian Assange Posed in a Santa Suit for Newsweek