Oprah Compliments Sarah Palin, Then Excoriates Her

In the new issue of Parade magazine, Oprah weighs in on Sarah Palin, who is kind of like the Oprah of angry white conservative America. Since Oprah and President Obama are best friends, she probably despises Palin, right?

On Sarah Palin:
“I don’t know her so I can’t speak to [whether or not she’ll be a candidate]. But I would say that America’s going to fall in love with her from [her reality series, Sarah Palin’s Alaska]. When I saw that first episode, I went, ‘Whoa! She is charming and very likable.’”

Oh! That’s a nice thing to say. Graciousness was always one of her strong suits.

Another one of Oprah’s skills: the ability to conceal an insult in a cloak of inspiration.

Oprah Winfrey on Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin, and Starring in Her Own Reality Show [Parade]

Oprah Compliments Sarah Palin, Then Excoriates Her