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Sarah Palin Shoots a Bear on Wheels While Kate Gosselin Looks On

After last week’s much-debated caribou killing, this week saw more raw nature action with Sarah being attacked by a ferocious black bear … on wheels. A bear expert had been prepping Sarah, Willow, and (inexplicably) Kate Gosselin on how to handle themselves in bear country. (To be fair, Gosselin was already in Alaska.) After a harrowing lesson on how to deter bears — a simple hello might save you from a horrific bear attack, says the expert — they head out to the shooting range to get some real-life practice. Enter a moving target that comes after Sarah with the voracity of a rampaging Dwight Schrute.

At Palin’s house, Gosselin and Palin commiserate about life in the public eye. Kate complains about the paparazzi in her front yard, and Sarah laments about her annoying, Wilson-esque neighbor/journalist Joe McGinniss, who, as a member of the media elite, had to be kept out by a fourteen-foot fence.

We always get a kick out of introducing people from outside of Alaska to what we do for recreation and our sport,” Palin says. So Kate plus Eight plus the Palins head to Chelatna Lake in the rainy Talkeetna Mountains for some time spent building bonfires, eating moose hot dogs, and avoiding rampaging bears. It’s foggy and rainy, and while the kids on both sides are having a blast, Kate simply isn’t having it.

This is cruel and unusual punishment,” she said, huddled under a tent. Watch the video to see highlights from last night’s episode.

Sarah Palin Shoots a Bear on Wheels While Kate Gosselin Looks On