Blizzard in New York: Snow, Everywhere! [Updated]

Yay! It’s snowing! Oh, wait. It’s really snowing: “The National Weather Service has issued a Blizzard Warning for New York City from 6:00 AM [Sunday] through 6:00 PM Monday,” the Office of Emergency Management tweeted today. “The current forecast calls for 11-16 inches of snow accompanied by strong winds. With visibility expected to be near zero at times.” Plus, flights are canceled, and now holiday travelers are forced to sit at airports and talk to their families and play Gameboy. #Snowpocalypse is even a Twitter trending topic. So from a safe indoor place, we think the snow is pretty (send pics to!), but the news says it’s also scary:

Thousands of flights have been canceled today. (Amtrak between New York and Boston is down, too.)

Travel misery began a day earlier in parts of the South, where a rare white Christmas came with reports of dozens of car crashes … Airlines grounded hundreds of flights Sunday along the Northeast corridor in anticipation of the storm. New York City-area airports alone canceled close to 1,000 flights. The Northeast is expected to get the brunt of the storm … [But] a blizzard warning was also in effect for Rhode Island and most of eastern Massachusetts including Boston, with forecasters predicting 15 to 20 inches of snow. A blizzard warning is issued when snow is accompanied by sustained winds or gusts over 35 mph.

Football games have been canceled as well:

Meanwhile, the NFL announced that a game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles - originally scheduled for Sunday night - had been postponed until 8:20 p.m. Tuesday.

But when the restaurants in New York stop delivering (never), we’ll really start freaking out.

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Update: Air traffic in New York has ceased. (And some restaurants actually have stopped delivering.)

Blizzard in New York: Snow, Everywhere! [Updated]