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WikiLeaks-Style Info Dump on Gawker Coming?

If you are a person who uses a digital intra-office memo or messaging service at work, imagine how you would feel if it turned out that someone had read all the personal conversations that you’ve had with your co-workers. Sure, you’re careful because you know HR could read it someday, but what are the chances? You’ve probably said a bunch of things you’d rather keep private. Now imagine that the person who has read all your conversations is going to post them on the Internet. And then imagine that you work for a media website known for its snark and occasionally shady reporting tactics. This would be bad.

According to the Observer, staffers at Gawker are worried that exactly this will happen to them. The group that hacked the site, Gnosis, has already posted some of Gawker’s private conversations. And they’ve indicated that they’ve had access to Nick Denton’s e-mail for more than a month (plus the e-mail accounts of any staffer who uses the same password for their Gawker commenting account and e-mail). So, basically, at any moment, they could expose Gawker’s sources, their stories in progress, and any other private communications. “I’m confident they have [Denton’s] entire email,” one staffer told the Observer. “I’m fairly confident they have my email.”

Maybe we should all start thinking ahead and start every intra-office conversation with, “Hi, 4Chan!” Just, you know, as a reminder of what could happen.

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WikiLeaks-Style Info Dump on Gawker Coming?