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Andre Balazs Picks Up Another Boozy Blonde

After handsome hotelier Andre Balazs split with his model mogul wife Katie Ford in 2004, he kicked off a new tradition: dating celebrity blondes. He started with a years-long, tumultuous romance with actress Uma Thurman. When that finally ended in 2007, he was spotted receiving neck rubs from Cameron Diaz, cuddling with Sharon Stone, making out with Daphne Guinness, and, most recently, doing something-or-other with Courtney Love. That’s a bunch of vivacious towheads, who range in booziness from party hearty to practically born from beer! And the latest blonde to be attached (literally, apparently) to Balazs is one who literally wrote the book on vodka: Chelsea Handler. According to the Gatecrasher column, the pair were seen “making out” at a party at Sundance on Saturday night.

The pair wasted no time in getting all over each other at a table that was surrounded by a human wall of standing friends and hangers-on, which made it difficult — but not impossible — for prying eyes to penetrate,” writes Frank DiGiacomo, noting that poor Liam Hemsworth was nearly squished underneath their love. Handler’s rumored boyfriend 50 Cent was also at the party at the temporary Park City outpost of nightclub Tao, but she couldn’t care less. “Going for the gold with high-spirited abandon, Handler kissed the hot hotelier’s face, neck and lips, and kept her arm slung around his shoulders. Balazs reciprocated — although not quite as sloppily,” DiGiacomo describes lustily. “Maybe a little too comfortable: living up to her boozy reputation, the author of Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea looked glassy-eyed and was spilling her drink.”

Oh now, come on. That’s a little bit harsh. It’s Sundance! Half of New York and all of Los Angeles are there letting loose. Let the girl have a little vodka. After all, if you come to a party with 50 Cent and slip out the back door with a 53-year-old white guy, you’ve got to be able to blame it on something the next morning.

Comedian Chelsea Handler gets cozy with hotelier Andre Balazs, ditches rapper 50 Cent at Sundance [NYDN]

Andre Balazs Picks Up Another Boozy Blonde