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Will President Obama Anger the Left Yet Again With Bill Daley?

That’s the reaction among many political observers to the news that President Obama is considering former Commerce secretary and current JPMorgan Chase executive William Daley as his new chief of staff. Daley thought health-care reform was botched and is seen as a centrist. But while liberals may feel taken for granted once again if Daley is selected for the role, the business community would love it. If Obama makes the move, we’ll know which constituency he’s more concerned about going into his reelection. What else are pundits and reporters saying about the Daley speculation?

Noam Scheiber, New Republic:

One word of caution about this: Don’t assume that it’s chief of staff or bust for Daley—the artful phrasing is there for a reason.

Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times:

Ben Smith, Politico:

Allahpundit, Hot Air:

David Frum, Twitter:

Andrew Malcolm, Top of the Ticket/Los Angeles Times:

Ezra Klein, Washington Post:

Jeremy Jacobs, Hotline on Call/National Journal:

Daley would be a shrewd choice, with his Chicago ties jibing well with Obama’s preference for the familiar, while his business ties would help him build a necessary bridge to the business community. Obama is close to Daley — he was a campaign adviser from early on in the 2008 race.

Anne E. Kornblut and Karen Tumulty, Washington Post:

Michael D. Shear and Jeff Zeleny, Caucus/New York Times:

Marc Ambinder, National Journal:

Will President Obama Anger the Left Yet Again With Bill Daley?