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Chase Coleman’s Status Update: Rich

How rich is Chase Coleman? First of all, he has the unique distinction of being both Old and New Money rich, so just for starters you want to take your expectation of what “rich” is and double it. A descendant of Peter Stuyvestant — the last Dutch governor of New York, the guy who actually built the wall that Wall Street is named for — Chase’s full name is not only triple barreled but has a “III” after it — Charles Payson Coleman III — which by our math triples the value of his name. At the tender age of 24, Chase was taken under the wing of mega-hedge funder Julian Robertson, who gave him seed capital to start his own hedge fund, Tiger Global, which has become one of the most successful of the “Tiger cub” funds: Chase made $400 million, for instance, in 2008. So by then he was already huge-Palm Beach-wedding-with-a-white-cake-that-is-bigger-than-most-of-the-(also-white)-attendees rich, and marble-busts-and-serious-old-looking-paintings-adorn-my-mansion rich, and fuck-it-I-want-some-gold-statues-to-hold-my-ferns rich. And now, he’s also Facebook rich: Business Insider estimates that Chase made $900 million buying Facebook stock in 2009.

But there is one thing he is missing. No, it’s not love, you suckers. Chase is married, to the former Stephanie Ercklentz, who is herself so rich she was featured in Born Rich, talking about how she quit her investment banking job because “my friends are at downtown Cipriani, it’s 10 o’clock at night, they’re having Bellinis, and, like, I’m sitting here cranking out numbers that are never even going to get looked at.”* But even with this amount of richness on their side, going by these photos from V magazine of the Upper East Side mansion the Colemans share, they don’t have nearly enough closet space.

Freaking New York City.

Update: We’ve been informed that these photos of the Coleman’s apartment were taken when it was inhabited by the previous owner. The current tenants completely redecorated, and their scheme does not, it turns out, include gold people holding up their ferns.

*The section has been amended to include the fact that Chase is not, per reader comment, “just some blonde Stephanie, he is married to the mildly absurd Stephanie from Jamie Johnson’s Born Rich, she who bitched that having a job prevented her from meeting her friends at Cipriani.”
The 34-Year-Old Mega-Rich Facebook Investor You’ve Never Heard Of [Business Insider]

Chase Coleman’s Status Update: Rich