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Dwarf Activity Suggests U.K. Economy Getting Back on Track

Old Blighty is not in good shape. This fall, even the Queen took a pay cut when the U.K. introduced radical austerity measures aimed at bringing down the deficit, but the pound is down, inflation is high, the GDP is stagnating, and economists fear a looming sovereign debt crisis could imperil any economic recovery. But, according to Danny Black, Wall Street’s preeminent dwarf-for-hire, “something must be happening with the economy as the market is getting better for dwarf talent as seen below …”

He attached the following solicitation:


My name is XXXXXXX from XXXX Investment International UK. I want to
know if there is any availability for model hire? Our Company deals on Bonds, shares, Property, Investments and Stocks. we intend to use 4 to 5 of your models for our company Magazine show for 2011.

If there is availability, kindly let me know about the dates and the quotes.

The date is on 14th March 2011. The ONLY mode of Payment is :Visa , Master or Amex Card.


The Dwarf Economic Index is of course far from exact. You could view this as a glass half full person might: If there’s money for dwarfs, there’s money for other things. Or you could be concerned that this investment bank can’t afford full-size people. Could go either way; that’s why they call it a dismal science.

Dwarf Activity Suggests U.K. Economy Getting Back on Track