Former Investment Banker’s Human-Trafficking Business Is Booming

Former investment banker and native New Yorker Joseph Weiner’s company, Hand-In-Hand, which matches western men incapable of finding somebody to like them with young Eastern European women in economic situations so dire they’re willing to marry a stranger and gamble with their lives in order to escape them, is ordinarily pretty successful. “Every guy wants a beautiful younger woman,” the aptly named Wharton grad tells Bloomberg Businessweek. “It’s the nature of us.” But since the economy tanked, things have really been “booming.” “Financial problems are the biggest cause of divorce,” he explains. “There are more financial problems now. There are more people available!” But wait — if a man is in financial distress after, presumably, bitch took all his money, why would he plunk down Hand-in-Hand’s $2,000 placement fee just to acquire another bitch?

As Weiner explains, it’s a good investment:

Hand-In-Hand’s website trumpets the fact that its females are “unspoiled by feminism”…”You take a beautiful woman from the Czech Republic and you bring her into your home, she does all your cooking and cleaning and ironing,” he says. “At the end of the day, the service is free.” Hand-In-Hand estimates the potential savings of a homemaking wife at $150 per week.

Wow, that’s really … smart.

The Mail-Order-Bride Trade Is Flourishing [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Former Investment Banker’s Human-Trafficking Business Is Booming