Explosion Kills 35 People at Moscow Airport [Updated]

An explosion this morning inside the Moscow-area Domodedovo Airport killed 31 people and injured 130, according to the Russian government. “The noise was, literally, it shook you,” a British citizen at the airport tells BBC News. The blast may have been caused by a suicide bomber, according to reports. Chechens have been carrying out suicide bombings in Russia for years, although the culprits in this particular incident have yet to be identified. [CNN, MSNBC, BBC]

Update: Here’s some footage taken shortly after the attack, via ABC News. Warning: If you don’t feel like seeing dead bodies, don’t watch:

Update II: Here’s something you don’t see in America. According to the Times, Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, in televised remarks, “admonished officials for their failure to prevent the attack.”

Update III: Russian TV has increased the death toll to 35. President Obama is calling the incident “an outrageous act of terrorism against the Russian people.”

Explosion Kills 35 People at Moscow Airport [Updated]