Mind-Bending Mail-Bomb Campaign Continues

Capital-region officials would be wise to leave the mail-opening to interns, or preferably robot interns, for the foreseeable future. Three packages have exploded in the past two days: two addressed to Maryland’s governor and transportation secretary yesterday, resulting in some singed fingers, and one this afternoon at a mail facility in Washington, addressed to Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano, injuring no one. So why is this man — can we safely assume man? — trying to blow these people up? Highway signs. Isn’t it always highway signs?

The Maryland packages contained a note railing against highway signs urging motorists to report suspicious activity, investigators revealed.

The message read: “Report suspicious activity! Total Bull—-! You have created a self fulfilling prophecy.”

If we can attempt to delve into the mind of a psycho for a moment, the guy’s point might be that when people are told to be on alert for suspicious activity, they are bound to interpret certain nonthreatening activities as suspicious, if only to err on the side of caution. The signs then, by their very existence, are concocting “suspicious activity.” Why bombing people proves that there is no legitimately suspicious activity to report, though, and not the opposite, we have no idea.

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Mind-Bending Mail-Bomb Campaign Continues