Kennedy Daughter Never Told Stalker, ‘Hey, Quit Being a Stalker’

Being a member of the Kennedy clan is generally great. You’re wealthy, you’re influential, you can watch the History Channel almost every day and say offhandedly, “Oh, there’s pop-pop.” One area where it’s not so great is that you’re automatically way more of a target for crazies than the average non-dynasty Joe. It’s something even lesser members of the Kennedy family, people you barely even knew existed, have to deal with. For example, Tatiana Schlossberg, the 20-year-old daughter of Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg. Apparently a 41-year-old Pakistani immigrant named Naeem Ahmed has been stalking her for over two years. Reports the Daily News:

The office of Tatiana’s father, designer Edwin Schlossberg, received more than 40 e-card greetings, phone calls and gifts for the young woman, a criminal complaint says.

In one October 2008 note sent with roses and balloons, Ahmed wrote, “Dearest Tatiana, I love you. Sincerely, Naeem.”

In May 2009, he sent Tatiana Schlossberg more flowers and birthday wishes. Later that month, Ahmed sent Kennedy flowers and a note wishing her a happy Mother’s Day, records show.

The messages grew creepier and more incoherent with time ….

One of the last e-greeting cards he sent before his arrest shows a montage of bare-skin photos, piano keys, champagne flutes and a bed strewn with rose petals, records show.

The card, which played piano music, read: “I know you, I know the feeling of you, I know your shape, your sound, your warmth, and your taste. I know you, and I know that I want you, and I need you… . Always.” ….

As delusional as his seduction campaign appears to be, Ahmed, speaking to the Daily News from jail, sounds totally reasonable about the whole thing.

I spend a lot of money on flowers and chocolates, from $90 to $100 sometimes. If they did not want them, tell me, ‘I don’t want them,’ ” he said.

Ugh, women, right? You pamper them with all these gifts they obviously enjoy, and then they turn around and call you a stalker. But, that’s why we love them.

Drifter Naeem Ahmed accused of stalking Caroline Kennedy’s 20-year-old daughter Tatiana Schlossberg [NYDN]

Kennedy Daughter Never Told Stalker, ‘Hey, Quit Being a Stalker’