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Man Finally Reaches Breaking Point Over the Magical Blocking Powers of Airplane Service Carts

You’ve all been there: You’re on a nine-hour flight, and you want to time your bathroom breaks perfectly, because you’re in the middle seat. You need to go before you get your meal, so that afterward you can just lay back and fall asleep, engorged on wet baby carrots and Haddock Parmesan. Biscoff crumbs still caught in your whiskers, you’ll drift off in front of National Treasure: Wig of Mystery while someone eventually collects your tray and the napkins you’ve used to blow your nose. But that’s all contingent upon getting to the bathroom before they serve the food. So you time it the way you’d time your entrance in a high stakes round of double Dutch. You see an opening! The line at one bathroom is only two people long, so you squish past the woman next to you who has been using both armrests even though she’s in the aisle seat. You stride confidently up the aisle, past the family with the nine kids running around. You’re almost there!

Suddenly, your way is blocked. The service cart has arrived. Stacked high with cups and cans of V8, it perfectly fills the aisle. You can’t squish beside it, and you can’t push into a row of seats to let it pass because they’re all full. But if you turn around and seek out another bathroom, you might miss the cart when it passes your seat. The flight attendant doesn’t even offer an apologetic look. You feel yourself getting steamed. And then 

… Well, if you’re a normal person, you go find another way to go to the bathroom. But not Michael Isabelle of Framingham, Massachusetts. Yesterday, on a flight to JFK from Rio, Isabelle had ENOUGH. Instead of letting the service cart beat him, he fought back. From the Post:

That’s right. Next time you think you can push around a flight attendant, remember: They have resources. And they can keep you from going to the bathroom for nine hours.

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Man Finally Reaches Breaking Point Over the Magical Blocking Powers of Airplane Service Carts