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Obama’s Tucson Speech Wins Rare Praise From Conservatives

You know it’s a good speech when conservatives are not only united in their praise, but also find almost nothing to even nitpick about it. Part of the reason the right has reacted so favorably toward President Obama’s remarks at the weird college pep rally/memorial service last night is because of his very direct chastisement of liberal partisans who have tried to pin the blame for the shooting on Sarah Palin, the tea party, or Republican talking heads. But, also, it was just a damn fine speech. Here’s what conservative pundits and political commentators are saying about it.

Rick Lowry, Corner/National Review:

Marc Thiessen, Post Partisan/WP:

Erick Erickson, Red State:

David Frum, Frum Forum:

Peter Wehner, Contentions/Commentary:

Wall Street Journal editorial:

Jonathan Tobin, Contentions/Commentary:

John Pitney Jr., Corner/National Review:

Jennifer Rubin, Right Turn/WP:

Abe Greenwald, Contentions/Commentary:

Paul Mirengoff, Powerline:

Michael Gerson, Post Partisan/WP:

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Obama’s Tucson Speech Wins Rare Praise From Conservatives