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Ted Williams Is Off to Rehab

You knew that Ted Williams’s story of miraculous redemption was too good to be true, right? Just a week after the homeless man was “discovered” in Columbus, Ohio, the golden-voiced Williams is off to rehab to deal with drug and alcohol issues.

Williams’s stint in rehab comes after he and his family appeared on a grueling three-day appearance on Dr. Phil, where the formerly homeless man and his adult children were subjected to all manner of public grilling (Dr. Phil: “Who drank Grey Goose from the mini-bar last night?”). Williams initially claimed that he had been sober for two years, but admitted to the talk-show host that he’d started drinking again.

Wiliams was briefly detained by L.A. police Tuesday after getting into a verbal altercation with one of his four daughters. Neither he nor his daughter was arrested.

Meanwhile, more problems are creeping up: A subpoena for Williams was issued to appear at a London, Ohio, hearing. It seems Williams was a passenger in the car of an unnamed woman accused of drug abuse. He’s supposed to appear in court on February 11. [NYP]

Ted Williams Is Off to Rehab