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WOR Drops Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck Drops His Obamaphone

Glenn Beck rang in the New Year calling for a “fundamental transformation” of American society. And it worked! Starting January 17, one of New York’s biggest talk-radio stations is ridding itself of Glenn Beck. His response Tuesday night? He’s going to stop being nice to Barack Hussein Obama on the phone.

After spending years, and thousands of man-hours, in research, reflection, and prayer, my team and I have come to realize that a ‘Fundamental Transformation’ is required,” Beck told his faithful web readers Tuesday morning. Apparently, station managers at New York’s WOR-710 AM agreed with Beck’s sentiment: At about the same time, they announced his show would be dropped from the station’s lineup. The reason? Ratings, program director Scott Lakefield told the Daily News: “Somewhat to our surprise, the show wasn’t getting what we wanted.”

Apparently undeterred, the Fox TV maven pressed forward with his own Red Dragon–like transformation agenda. Step one: Kill his Red Phone! Back in 2009, Beck installed the old-school Ma Bell getup so that BHO’s White House could call in “so you can correct the mistakes as they happen.” But Tuesday night, he stopped waiting for that call. Because, you know, he never makes mistakes.

They never called. They never will call. I’m not waiting for their call anymore,” he told his viewers. “There is a new attitude. It is a new year. Today, this show is starting a new chapter.”

According to Politico, the appropriate title for this new chapter would be “Fewer Viewers.”

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WOR Drops Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck Drops His Obamaphone