The U.S.-Canadian Border Is Now .08 Percent Secure!

Back in October, when Sharron Angle was regularly making unintentionally hilarious remarks on all manner of things, a minor diplomatic controversy erupted when she claimed that terrorists had entered America through the porous Canadian border. The Canadian ambassador to the United States took immediate action to rebut this slander on his country’s good name.

Her remarks led Canada’s ambassador in Washington, Gary Doer, to write a letter to Angle’s campaign on Monday.

There have been no terrorist attacks on the United States coming from Canada,” he wrote, referencing the 9/11 Commission report. “I can assure you that Canada takes border security very seriously and trust you will see fit to set the record straight.”

As it turns out, though, Angle was, for once, correct. Angle never specified that she was referring to the 9/11 hijackers, just “the terrorists,” and other would-be terrorists had indeed been caught crossing the Canadian border. Doer’s letter continued:

Wrong again! Everyone already knew that security along the Canadian border was lacking, but a new government audit has now clarified just how abysmal it really is. “Only 32 miles of the nearly 4,000-mile U.S.-Canadian border have ‘an acceptable level of security,” the Buffalo News reports. Thirty-two miles! The News adds that, for security reasons, “the report did not specify which 32 miles of the U.S.-Canada border were considered secure and which were not.” But if you’re a terrorist, there’s a pretty good chance that wherever you decide to cross is not one of the secure areas. About a 99.9 percent chance, actually.

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The U.S.-Canadian Border Is Now .08 Percent Secure!