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Watch ‘Anonymous’ Hack the Westboro Baptist Church Live During a Debate

Last week, a press release appeared on a site affiliated with the shadowy and quite effective hacktivist group Anonymous, warning the Westboro Baptist Church that their websites would be attacked unless they cease being horrible people who do the most evil things imaginable. Westboro fired back with a ballsy tweet that dared the hacktivists to “Bring it, cowards.” But on Tuesday, another note ran on the Anonymous-linked site, claiming that the initial release was a hoax — perhaps perpetrated by the church itself as a publicity stunt — and that there were no plans to attack Westboro. Nevertheless, days of denial of service attacks on the church’s sites followed, but responsibility was eventually claimed by a separate hacker named The Jester. That takes us to this morning, when a member of the church and a member of Anonymous (who, appropriately, was anonymous, and British-sounding) squared off in a debate hosted by a talk radio show. It was about eight minutes into this debate that Anonymous decided, what the hell, let’s hack them after all.

Here’s what the message said:

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In the battle of hacktivists vs. monsters (which also happens to be an upcoming movie starring Harrison Ford), it would seem the hacktivists have the upper hand. The Westboro Baptist Church’s only weapon is the ability to picket with obnoxious signs, and we’re pretty sure that’s going to be ineffective here.

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Watch ‘Anonymous’ Hack the Westboro Baptist Church Live During a Debate