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President Obama Has Stopped Smoking Forever, Again

According to Michelle Obama, her husband has finally quit smoking. The first lady says he hasn’t touched a cigarette to his lips in “almost a year,” thus confirming Robert Gibbs’s claim in December that Obama hadn’t smoked for about nine months. How does she know for sure, though?

She said she didn’t know exactly when he quit “because he never smoked a lot” and she never saw him light up.

Also, it’s not something they talk about.

Mrs. Obama said Tuesday that she was very proud of her husband, but that she hasn’t pressed him for details.

Well, hopefully she’s getting this information from somewhere. Obama has struggled for years to break his cigarette addiction, and he’s quit before, at least for a while. If it’s permanent this time, good for him. Now onto ending his next worst habit: starting 60 percent of his sentences with “Look —.”

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President Obama Has Stopped Smoking Forever, Again