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Qaddafi Insists He’s Just a Harmless Old Queen

In yet more rambling remarks today — we’re pretty sure that’s the only kind of remarks he’s capable of — Libyan despot Muammar Qaddafi blamed the uprisings embroiling his country on Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and powdered coffee.

He says those revolting are “loyal to bin Laden … This is al Qaeda that the whole world is fighting.”

He says al Qaeda militants are “exploiting” teenagers, giving them “hallucinogenic pills in their coffee with milk, like Nescafe.”

But Qaddafi’s comments also indicated that he was starting to feel the heat of the rapidly spreading revolt.

Seriously, why are you guys even directing this rage at Qaddafi to begin with? He’s just a gentle old man who smiles and waves to people and drinks tea and wears white gloves to protect his delicate hands and hosts foreign dignitaries and unleashes mercenary death squads on his people and takes leisurely strolls through floral gardens.

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Qaddafi Insists He’s Just a Harmless Old Queen