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The Daily Has Been Saving a Last ‘Touching’ Interview With Gabby Gifford

Well, this is quite a scoop for The Daily, the tablet-only “newspaper” launched by Rupert Murdoch yesterday: They’ve been saving up a video interview with Gabby Giffords, one of the last she gave before she was shot through the head at a press appearance in her Tucson district. According to the press release News Corp. sent out, it’s a “touching” interview. Sounds amazing, right? Like, that she’ll talk about how much she loves public service? Or about her deep adoration and admiration for her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly?

Actually, what Giffords talks about in the interview is … her iPad. Get it? “Touching”?

It takes me about six to eight hours a week just to get to work. I don’t have a direct flight from Tucson to the capital,” she told interviewer Elizabeth Saab. Having an iPad makes things easier. “It’s really cut down on the size of the binder I have to bring with me.”

Touching, indeed! But seriously, Giffords is indeed cute about the device — which, conveniently, is the only way you can read The Daily in full at the moment. (Though you can watch the Giffords video online here.) And doctors say that, even after her injury, she’s been looking at pictures on her iPad, which is a good sign as it demonstrates “higher cognitive function.” According to Giffords, she doesn’t have any games on her device, but she does have fun with it. “It is kind of cute, though: My husband and I both have iPads,” she told Saab before the accident. “We got them at the same time. Sometimes we’re in bed together showing each other stuff on our iPads.” Aw, now that is actually kind of touching.

Related: The Daily today also has an interesting dispatch from a makeshift hospital on the ground in Cairo, servicing injured protesters. According to the story, police are attacking with sticks and stones to make it seem as though they are just civilians, too. But you can’t read about it on the Internet, so, sorry. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

The Daily Has Been Saving a Last ‘Touching’ Interview With Gabby Gifford