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Woman Who Caught Rep. Chris Lee Trolling Craigslist Says He Was ‘Dumb’ to Get Caught

There is kicking a man when he’s down and then there is corresponding with a man on Craigslist, finding out he’s a congressman, leaking topless photos of him to Gawker, and kicking him after he resigns. Representative Christopher Lee’s would-be Craigslist paramour falls into the latter camp. Hours after the married congressman handed in his resignation — no sexy photos attached this time — the 34-year-old D.C. woman whom Lee messaged told her side of the story to the Loop21, a local black-issues blog. During the course of the Q&A, the “regular scenester” and “leggy-glamazon,” who works in government, managed to call Lee old and dumb, and his bumbling cover-up about being hacked “bullshit,” although she did concede that on second look, he was “not too bad looking.” The anonymous Craigslister said she didn’t know that Lee was a congressman until she searched for his Gmail address on Google and that sending it to Gawker was something she did at a friend’s suggestion because Gawker promised him anonymity.

On Lee’s age:

TheLoop21: What were you thinking as you realized he was in Congress?

On Lee’s claim of being hacked:

TheLoop21: What did you think about Lee’s story that his account was hacked?

On Lee’s intelligence:

TheLoop21: What’s the lesson in all this?

So future Craigslist-trolling married congressman, if you want the strangers you hit up to think you’re smart, try not to make it so easy for them to out you on Gawker.

Exclusive: The Woman Behind ‘Craigslist Congressman’ Chris Lee’s Downfall [The Loop21 via NYDN]

Woman Who Caught Rep. Chris Lee Trolling Craigslist Says He Was ‘Dumb’ to Get Caught