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Bronx Murder Suspect and His Terrifying Catchphrases

Abusive ex-cop Eddy Coello, 38, takes a beating in the tabs today. He’s the one and only “person of interest” in the strangling of 40-year-old mother of four Tina Adovasio, who was trying to divorce him. Why? Because their seven-year relationship, which culminated in eighteen months of legal marriage, was a roller coaster of “frightening, impulsive abuse,” says the Post. In one instance, Coello “went berserk,” hurling trophies and Adovasio’s cell phone against a wall while she cradled their crying 1-year-old daughter. His line at the time: “Wait till you see what I am going to do to your fucking car. I am going to break all the windows.”

Meanwhile, the Daily News talked to Coello’s ex, Glory Perez, who was with him right before he quit his job as a housing cop (due to an Internal Affairs investigation into his domestic violence). Perez says he pushed and punched her and threatened her with his gun. “He would point the gun to my head and look me in the eye and say, ‘Today you are going to die,’” she says. “I would beg for my life.”

Yesterday the lawyered-up Coello spent exactly 24 minutes at the 45th Precinct, where he refused to give a DNA sample, according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Meanwhile, cops removed four bags of evidence from Coello’s Throggs Neck building. They also found unspecified bodily fluids in the backseat of Coello’s car, which they hope will yield DNA. Oh, also, there is surveillance tape of Coello hauling around a sheet and a large duffel bag Friday night, shortly after Adovasio disappeared.

Michael Lease, the lawyer who was representing Adovasio in her divorce, tells the Post, “They are plodding toward an inevitable conclusion.”

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Bronx Murder Suspect and His Terrifying Catchphrases