Commenting Update: We’re Still Listening to You

It’s been three weeks since we launched our new commenting system, and we’re continuing to roll out new features in response to your feedback.

In our most recent release, we’ve made the following changes:

• We’ve added the “Most Commented” units back on the site to let you easily find the articles with the most discussion. The units are on the homepage and all articles.

• When we released the new commenting system, we changed the sort order of comments from newest to oldest so that readers would always be able to see the latest threads. Some of you really like your comments sorted oldest to newest, however. We’ll now default to your last sort preference. So, if you select “oldest” in the gray bar at the top of comments and then click to another article, it should remember that you like your comments sorted by oldest. If you change web browsers (Internet Explorer to Firefox, for instance) or log out, the sort order will default back to newest.

• Finally, we believe we fixed an annoying bug that many of you were experiencing. In some instances, as users replied to a comment, the reply box was disappearing — and so was the comment. Please let us know if this is still happening.

Commenting Update: We’re Still Listening to You