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Ed Koch Is Impressed With Donald Trump’s Phoniness

Is Donald Trump really, sincerely thinking about running for president? Add former mayor Ed Koch to the list of people who think that, no, he is not.

He’s one of the great hucksters, and I say that admiringly. He’s using this idea of running, milking it, for all it’s worth – and it’s worth a lot,” said former New York City mayor Ed Koch.

“It keeps his name out there, which he is very happy to do. There’s nothing wrong with it, nothing immoral. But he’s not running. He knows it. Everyone else knows it,” Koch said.

ABC News adds that “experts in branding and politics” agree that Trump’s goal is merely “gaining favorable exposure.” But what part of this exposure has been favorable? The endless questions about his honesty? The belittlement from Republican senators? The backlash from the gay community? The rehashing (ahem) of his hygienic quirks? Doesn’t sound too favorable to us.

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Ed Koch Is Impressed With Donald Trump’s Phoniness