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Gabby Giffords Holding Everything Up

Even as a sizable piece of her skull has yet to be reattached, “ardent backers” of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords are already fantasizing about the ads they’ll air if she runs for Senate next year and are laying the groundwork for such a campaign. But, obviously, nobody really knows whether Giffords’s condition will allow her to run, or whether she will even want to run. This, according to the Times, has put the entire race on the Democratic side in limbo, since no Democrat wants to be the schmuck who tries — and, inevitably, fails miserably — to beat the hero congresswoman in a primary.

Enough games, Gabby! Regain your speech skills already and tell us whether you’re running!

Seriously though, the Democrats should be okay. Should Giffords eventually decide against a Senate campaign, they apparently have a self-funded backup candidate with high name recognition who can jump into the race at a moment’s notice: Muammar Qaddafi, according to a since-deleted Daily Beast tweet.

An Arizona Senate Race Waits to See if Giffords Emerges to Run [NYT]

Gabby Giffords Holding Everything Up