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I Hit the Pay Wall, Did You?

After a day’s worth of trying, I finally hit the New York Times website pay wall. You really have to see a lot of stories to reach it in one day! I almost didn’t realize it had happened — a soothing box popped up thanking me for visiting and offering to let me keep reading. Once I clicked through, I was presented with a big, long page advertising “Unrivaled coverage. Unlimited access. Introducing Times Digital Subscriptions, just 99¢ for your first 4 weeks.” I could choose from three choices, digital-only, tablet, or all access, all for just under a dollar! The FAQ that we’ve seen before was helpfully arranged underneath my choices.

Being a subscriber to the “Weekender” (hat tip to my boyfriend’s sister, Heather, who bought us the subscription!) I clicked on the “home subscriber” link at the top of the page. Logging in was easy, and now I’m a participant in the greatest journalism experiment of late March 2011!

Has anyone else hit the pay wall yet? Was it a pain in the neck? I’ll keep you posted as the month goes on to see how annoying it gets. But so far, I have to say, it was pretty painless.

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I Hit the Pay Wall, Did You?