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Qaddafi’s ‘Entourage’ Wants Peace, at Least for Themselves

While the warkinetic military action” in Libya has been successful so far at turning back the progress of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi’s forces and preventing a potential civilian slaughter, the question has become, “Great, now how and when are we going to get out of there?” Reports the Times:

The questions swirling around the operation’s command mirrored the larger strategic divisions over how exactly the coalition will bring it to an end — or even what the end might look like, and whether it might even conceivably include a Libya with Colonel Qaddafi remaining in some capacity. While few countries have openly sided with the Libyan leader, officials said on Thursday that most of the allies expected that the use of military force would lead to talks between the government and the rebels….

In fact, Mr. Obama has not made clear what will happen if the international coalition succeeds in establishing control of the skies over Libya, but Colonel Qaddafi’s loyalists and rebels continue to attack and counterattack each other in a bloody, protracted stalemate.

But while the European-American coalition is already looking for an exit, so, it seems, are various members of Qaddafi’s “entourage,” according to Reuters:

Members of Muammar Gaddafi’s entourage are putting out feelers to seek a ceasefire or safe passage from Libya, according to U.S. and European officials and a businessman close to the Libyan leadership.

That would be a welcome development and all, but based on our sporadic viewing of Entourage, this is not how entourages are supposed to behave. You’re supposed to stick by your boy through thick and thin, whether he’s decided to date a porn star, risk his career on a passion project, or resist the infidel Western colonialist dogs to his last dying breath.

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Qaddafi’s ‘Entourage’ Wants Peace, at Least for Themselves