The Madoff Tapes: Bernie on His Son’s Suicide

You may have caught New York’s Steve Fishman on World News Tonight last night with Diane Sawyer, where he unveiled more taped conversation between him and Bernard Madoff. The tapes are from his story in this week’s New York, in which Madoff unburdens himself about his feelings of guilt, his sorrow at destroying his family, and his firm belief that he is “a good person” at the bottom of it all. Here, in an exclusive clip, Madoff discusses how he felt after his son Mark committed suicide in December. He says he “cried for well over two weeks” in prison after his son’s death. “I cried in private,” he told Fishman. “If they saw me they would have probably put me on suicide watch.” Explaining in his straightforward Queens staccato that he was “a basket case,” Madoff swore: “Not a day goes by that I don’t suffer. I may sound okay on the phone, but trust me, I’m not okay, I never will be.”

Listen to Bernie Madoff Discuss His Son's Suicide

Bernard Madoff: The Tapes

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The Madoff Tapes: Bernie on His Son’s Suicide