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The Pope Doesn’t Blame the Jews for Killing Jesus

In a new book, Pope Benedict XVI thoroughly debunks, through a “Gospel-by-Gospel analysis,” the notion that the Jewish people are responsible for the death of Jesus.

In the book, Benedict re-enacts Jesus’ final hours, then analyzes each Gospel account to explain why Jews as a whole cannot be blamed for having turned him over. Rather, Benedict concludes, it was the Jewish leadership, the “Temple aristocracy” and a few supporters of the figure Barabbas who were responsible, but not Jews as a whole.

As Benedict points out, you can’t blame all Jews because plenty of Jews were off doing other things at the time, such as playing Bingo and complaining about the air conditioning in the room in which they were playing Bingo.

Good point! Although, if some people out there are still holding a grudge after nearly two thousand years, they’re probably beyond convincing at this point.

Pope Benedict Exonerates Jews For Jesus’ Death In New Book [AP via HuffPo]

The Pope Doesn’t Blame the Jews for Killing Jesus